User Behavior Analytics 3.6 (UBA) with Multi-Tenancy support

It has been announced, that soon we can expect a new version of UBA extension to QRadar functionality. The new version with number 3.6 will bring a number of new features including the most overlooked by the customers, the Multi-Tenancy support. In order to avail this great new feature of QRadar, the software installation needs […]


How to restart UBA app 1.x.x only.

How to restart UBA app. # /opt/qradar/support/ ls Get the app_id # /opt/qradar/support/ connect <app_id> Enter the app and restart the web server: # ps aux | grep # kill -9 the pid for After this, the flask server should automatically come up. To restart the backend polling: # ps aux | grep ‘python’ # kill […]