Art Norblin

Art Norblin – multi-unit, retail and service, culture and office buildings with underground parking, landscaping, internal road layout, driveways and access roads on the property and the necessary technical infrastructure located in Warsaw at Żelazna st., which is currently in the Concept Phase. The proposed investment is placed on the plot of the former Norblin Factory

Scope of work includes the revitalization of existing industrial sites, along with historic buildings. The proposed buildings provide the largest area of lease in each of its functional parts of the restrictions related to planning permission and the sunlight conditions in a neighboring apartment building.

Significant limitations, determines the manner of conduct in relation to historic buildings, which will not be removed except the roof. In case of two buildings special treatment is planned, which will be taken up by the transfer slab, and one building will be translocated onto a beam. The renovated industrial halls, snack bars and arise Biobazar, which closed spatial market hall with stalls. Stalls will offer mostly organic food. At the level of -1 is planned supermarket of approximately 2000 m2 for the segment type – quality delicatessen food. In total, is designed 21 160 m2 of rental area for the service sector and 620 m2 for the museum located at levels from -1 to +2. There is also planned theater in the complex. The superstructure designed in the complex over of the historic buildings will form office part with total rental area of 39 415 m2 on six floors. The one will be located of Lucka street side. The complex will also include a four underground parking which can hold up to 775 cars.