At the end of year 2005 my company has started designing works for new Budimex investment, block of flats located at Jana Olbrachta street in Warsaw.

My company after best bid in tender won with architectural concept for this building and signed the contract for whole realisation of this investment. Because of this I was able to learn the process of investing in building bussiness from the architectural sketch thorough and development conditions, building design and obtaining builidng permission. In the next stage we prepared execution design for architectural and structural part and coordinate utilities design.

The designed building consists of six storeys with apartments and commercial premises on the ground floor sum up to at least almost GLA=18’500 m2.

After construction the building has been honored with prestigous award “The construction of year 2007 in Poland” which was appreciation of our effort.

III grade prize in competition for  „The construction of the year 2007”  in category ‘residential development’ for Budimex housing development at Olbrachta street.