Deployment Model in QRadar

QRadar can work in the Deployment Model which is master and slave environment. The single master is the console, which manages the configuration updates for all the managed hosts (slaves) available in the deployment set. The console only has the ability to read and write to Postgres database, while the all managed hosts have read-only […]

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Generating and receiving events with QRadar

QRadar is capable of receiving and parsing events from a variety of third-party security products. The full list of supported devices is available in the documentation and the several formats and devices increases often. Receiving events with QRadar QRadar can pick up events in “auto-detected” mode from supported appliance, what let you see events immediately […]


Performance degradation in QRadar on ecs-ec

Performance degradation occurs in QRadar on two main services ecs-ec and ecs-ep. Depends on service, which is affected (sometimes it can be on both at the same time), you need to understand different cause and different solution. In this article we will discuss only a problem on ecs-ec. EC stands for events collector and you […]