Migrating from App Node to App Host

Please find below embedded three movies by Jose Bravo about migrating from App Node to App Host.

App Host is new component in QRadar family. It has number 4000 and it works like normal Managed Host. You can doubled the component in High Availability cluster in the same way like other Managed Hosts in your deployment. Finally you can transfer forth and back all your apps from Console to App Host as many times as you want. Therefore, if you have already migrated your deployment to the version 7.3.2, the next good move is just add another “baby” to your deployment. In this article we focus on customers who already has App Node installed and they want to migrate to App Host.

Basically for this task, just use supplementary scripts provided with 7.3.2 installer. First use app_node_data_backup.py for backing up data from all apps running on App Node. After that transfer each package to newly installed and added to deployment App Host and then run app_node_data_restore.py to get all apps and their data transferred to the new component.

Introduction: Preparation for migrating App Node

Part 1:

Part 2: