New version of QDI

On 4th January 2019, a new version (2.2.3) of QRadar Deployment Intelligence (QDI) application issued to the public. Among new features, the most significant are; QDI self-diagnostics, QRadar applications memory allocation breakdown, processing EPS and sources of license give back.

New detailed features in version 2.2.3

  • The more detailed and better details of status for app health with diagnostics.
  • New widget showing memory used by QRadar apps (only for 7.3.2+)
  • There is also new widget showing License Giveback sources
  • Another new window showing Rule by match count
  • Listed expensive QRadar output generated by Custom Properties, Rules or Log Sources by each host in a timeframe
  • New widget showing Log Source by EPS in a timeframe
  • New widget showing Event Processing Rate
  • Other improvements and fixes:
    • Enhancement to optimize storage space of network data by rolling up inactive interfaces
    • Optimized database connection usage and Ariel queries
    • Optimized Ariel queries in reporting
    • Handle special characters in usernames and user group in API and Search Activity widgets.
    • Handle multiple occurrences of HA host suffix
    • Fix  Health Metrics Reports where incomplete data appeared
    • Clean Null data exception error during polling outages
    • Added additional validation for QRadar Authorization token response