QRadar activation key

The activation key is a 24-digit, four part, alphanumeric string that you receive from IBM. The key specifies which software modules apply for each appliance type. By defalult; there is only one ISO installation disk available and depends on activation code you use during installation you can get chosen variation  of QRadar family product.
You can obtain the activation key from the following locations:

  • If you purchased a QRadar software or virtul appliance download, a list of activation keys are included in the Getting Started document that is attached in a confirmation email. You can use this document to cross-reference the part number for the appliance that you are supplied with.
  • If you purchased an appliance that is preinstalled with QRadar Vulnerability Manager software, the key is included in your shipping box or CD.

From version 7.3 during installation you don’t need provide activation key and it is applied by installer.

version check

You can edit the key and in the same way, change functionality of installed software using the script included in the following folder /opt/qradar/bin/.

You can learn your own key using the following command:

# grep KEY /opt/qradar/conf/keyfile